About Us

We commenced operations is 2006, and since then have expanded into several sectors. Our construction arm has already finished several projects for Sri Lankan developers while we started our own development in Australia, in 2014 in collaboration with a premier real estate developer. Our focus was creating boutique town houses in keeping with the Victorian architecture.

About us

Mitko Homes Pvt. Limited
Melbourne Australia

In 2014 we established a civil engineering operation in Melbourne Australia, in collaboration with the Dwellings Group, Victoria Australia, a premier real estate developer with a track record of success. This was Mitko’s first overseas initiative, which focused on the construction of Boutique Town Houses in partnership with the Dwellings Group; located at 51 Whitelaw Street, Reservoir, Vic. Australia. The project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by end April 2017. With optimistic projections for the future, in what is estimated to become one of the largest economies in the region and a strong upward forecast for the development and housing market, Mitko is in a formidable position to leverage its strengths and expertise from Australia, in building a future that is prosperous, diverse and sustainable.Mitko has now embarked on its first project inColombo, Bricksgate; with the objective of constructing an urban community offeringthe very best of both worlds, based on the shared values of family, security, recreation and well-being. Building on years of expertise and a truly global network allows us to deliver superlative value, in constructing a lifestyle that you’d love to live

Mitko Group

Mitko is a fast advancing group and consist of Mitko International, Mitko Construction, Mitko Skyswitch and Mitko Trading. Mitko initiated operations in May 2006, since then the organization has seen enviable growth and four fully owned subsidiaries have helped expand the company’s portfolio in keeping with the recent boom in construction and development, both at home and overseas. Today Mitko is involved in several key projects that will enable better planned communities and a more aesthetic skyline, with a focus on civil engineering, infrastructure, earthworks, construction and building development.

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